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Title: More Than That
Author: [ profile] painting_walls 
Pairing: J2, Kripke
Rating: R
Warning: Crack, sort of...
Beta: [ profile] siriusslash 
Summary: Kripke plans heart-to-heart with his stars and gets a whole lot more.

He has heard all the rumors, all the gossip that goes around on the set, but never really given a second thought to it. Mainly because he's been wrapped up in his own world. Still , he knows what people are saying online, knows every single bit of dirty detail about the stories that people write about his stars. But still Eric Kripke doesn't really believe that there could be anything going on in the real life. Not his stars, not his perfect set of ghost-fighting brothers with whom he can do what ever he wants, since he's a sort of a God in their world. Maybe he's just in denial, he wonders every now and then but still goes back to pretending that the whole thing doesn't bother him anyway.

Late on tuesday evening when they have finally gotten the day's work done he sees Jared and Jensen head to Jared's trailer and decides to go over just for a friendly little chat, and see what they think of the whole Wincest/j2 thing that seems to be going on and on in every single Supernatural-related website. Not that it bothers him, but he's just eager to hear what Jared and Jensen think about it. Does it mess with their work together? He wouldn't dream of having his show messed up by some fangirlish crap. Maybe he could sue them all, he thinks. They don't like him anyway, so who cares right?

When he's just about to knock he hears it. Jared's soft, deep drawl through the door. He can barely hear the words but they still hit him like an eighteen wheeler. Eric pushes the door just a little and finds it unlocked. In the middle of the trailer stands Jared. It doesn't really surprise him since it's Jared's trailer. But what surprises him is Jensen kneeling on the floor in front of Jared. Eric draws a sharp breath as he sees Jared's jeans unbuttoned and Jensen mouthing the cotton of Jared's boxers.

When Jared speaks again Eric almost tumbles down the steps of the trailer. Jared's voice is lower than Eric has ever heard it and even though he can't hear every word clearly he already knows what Jared is saying. How he's softly coaxing Jensen to do things that Eric never expected them to do together. Never even dreamed of them doing those things together. Chills run down his spine as he hears things that should be so dirty, so wrong but still they sound like honey leaving Jared's mouth. Jared pulls down his boxers and Jensen purrs as Jared's cock brushes against his lips. He just fucking purrs and Eric is suddenly so hard he can barely see Jensen open his mouth, accepting Jared's cock inside so easily and eagerly that Eric has to hold on to the wall to steady himself. He sees Jensen's tongue slipping against the side of Jared's cock and Jensen's hands holding onto Jared's hips. Jared bucks forward and Jensen makes an unpleasant sound digging his fingers in Jared's skin but not pulling away. Jared's hand comes behind Jensen's head and he moans and makes sounds that feel like sin in Eric's ears.

Then Eric runs. He flees until he's behind the trailer and leans against the wall. One hand pushing down in his pants when he realizes that his cock is suddenly throbbing. On the other side side of the thin, thin wall he can hear the rough echo of Jared's voice. So much huskier than before if that is even possible. He can hear a word or two but as Jared growls "hot", "deeper", "God" and "Jensen" Eric shutters against the wall. His knees give out and he tumbles to the ground, his hand tight around his cock coming in his boxers like a fourteen-year-old thinking "no-no-not-happening!!" and "oh-god-yes!!".

As he kneels on the ground with his hand still inside his pants, he hears a sound of surprise and lifts his gaze just to see Dave and that other guy from lighting whose name he doesn't really remember. They stare at him and he can't do anything else except pull his hand out and leave, hoping that when he arrives to work tomorrow, the whole crew doesn't know.


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