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Title: Deserted
Author: [ profile] painting_walls
Fandom: SPN gen
Characters: Sam, Dean
Spoilers: Croatoan. Not really in canon otherwise.
Rating: G
Wordcount: ~600
Summary: Impala takes a break :)

A/N: Written for [ profile] wateryacacia in [ profile] spn_buddy. She prompted me with words premonition and motor oil. It took me a while to get my mind out of gutter, because for some reason motor oil seems to translate into impala porn... But I did it and tried to make it a little cute [and sappy] even thought premonitions usually turn into angst.


The Impala breaks down on the deserted highway somewhere in Kentucky. She only coughs and whines pitifully as Dean tries to sweet talk her into getting started. Despite all his effort he cannot get the car started. Outside rain is pouring down on the windows and Sam who has been in the pretty bad mood for whole morning slips an insult and finds himself face down in the dirt before he realizes that Dean even heard what he said. He stands in the rain while Dean pets the driving wheel and probably tells the Impala not to care about inconsiderate people like Sam who just don't get that cars have feeling too.

Sam curses and yells at Dean to let him in. He tries knocking on the windows too, but Dean just ignores him and he finally gives up and goes to sulk on the side of the road. When the rain finally settles Dean unlocks the doors and gets out of the car whistling like nothing has happened. Sam glares at him angrily clenching fists and wanting to punch Dean in the face for leaving him in the rain, but Dean just pops up the hood and spots the problem right away. He doesn't even glance at Sam as he walks around the car to get his toolkit from the trunk. Sam sits on a big rock by the side of the road like a drowned rat his hair falling down his eyes in wet strands.

Dean hums Enter Sandman as he fixes the car and sun in already shining. They don't talk, but Sam already feels his irritation subsiding. He grabs his pack bag from backseat and munches on cereal bar waiting for Dean to get the car up and running. They have already been driving for hours and there are still miles to go. Sam fingers through his notes for the next hunt and scribbles down bits and pieces that come to his mind and could be useful. When an hour later Dean finally gets his tools together and back into trunk, Sam's clothes are almost dry and he tries not to smile as Dean looks up from behind the car and smiles at him wickedly. There's motor oil smeared over his forehead where he's been wiping sweat off and even thought Sam tries to still act like he's mad at Dean, he cannot help but laugh.

Just then he feels something flutter inside his brain, no pain, like before, but still a weird feeling. He hasn't had any visions since the Yellow-Eyes died and sudden image of an unknown driveway takes him by surprise. He steadies his hand on the sun-warmed surface of the rock he's sitting on and leans forward to prevent falling sideways. He can see Dean on the grassy yard, older and supple gray settling on his temples, waving at a boy standing on the porch.

It is the first time Dean is in Sam's premonition since the Demonic Virus in Oregon, but this time Sam feels good about it. He feels like this is what he was supposed to see; finally something that he doesn't need to prevent from happening and finally after years it seems like his ability isn't a curse, but a blessing. Dean smiles wide and honest his teeth showing and eyes wrinkling around the edges. The illusion fades suddenly as Dean, still 28 and covered in oil and dirt, throws him a towel and tells him to clean up or he's not coming close to Impala's upholstery. Sam laughs, "Like you aren't dirtier than I am". He feels good and for a moment it seems like things might actually turn out okay.

Two icons I made for her:
A wet Sam to go with the drabble

I had this idea to make an icon with a finnish word (mostly adjectives) for everyone I get paired up with so here is the first one. For wateryacacia. Jared with "handsome", since that's what he is.
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