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Title: Untouched
Author: [ profile] painting_walls 
Pairing: John/Jo
Rating: NC17
Warning: Underage
Word count: 490
Summary: A locked door, John Winchester and a teenage Jo who knows what she wants.

Note: This was actually supposed to be part of a longer fic, but I have already two long projects that aren't anywhere near finishing I thought I'd post this as it is. And I haven't written het in God knows how long. Thanks to [ profile] siriusslash  for fast beta-work :)


John turns quickly as he hears the door click open. He knows for a fact that he locked it and is ready to draw his gun out as he sees Jo standing at the door with a hairpin in one hand.

"What are you doing here? You should be glad that I didn't shoot you, kid", John says.

Jo stares at him challengingly as she slips the pin in her hair and for a moment John can see an old friend in her fiery gaze. "Not a kid." She gets closer to him and settles a hand on his arm. "I'm old enough to know what I want."

John swallows thickly as Jo rubs his forearm and steps so close that he can smell the sweet flowery scent of her shampoo. She doesn't leave anything for imagination and he is painfully aware of what she means. He backs away and she follows pressing herself against him.

"You want it too", she says and John turns his head away. He is already noticing the curves that she has developed in the last few years and how good her small frame feels against him. It feels as sinfully wrong as it probably is and he is so hard it's almost painful.

Jo grabs his hand and presses it to her thigh and he shivers as the smooth bare skin touches his fingers. "I want you", Jo breathes agaist his collarbone as she unbuttons the first two buttons of his shirt with her other hand.

He tries to fight it but knows it is a lie. He feels her skin as he lets his hand travel upwards under her skirt until he feels the cotton of her panties and soft, soft heat underneath. He pushes the cotton aside and knows she has been planning this. Her pussy is already wet and so ready for him like she had been thinking about this and touching herself prior to coming here . He doesn't dare look at her as he feels her lips on his jaw and he closes his eyes before bending down to kiss her.

She makes a needy moan against his mouth as he pushes a finger inside her. He doesn't know if she has done this before. He suspects yes, but isn't really sure as she winces when he adds second finger.

"Fuck me". She is a little out of breath but sounds confident and that's enough for John.

He pulls off her panties and unzips his jeans. With two steady hands on backs of her thighs he lifts her agaist the wall and pushes himself inside her. She bites down on his shoulder as he tightens his grip, fucking her slowly.

"Damn girl", John drawls into her hair and remembers the door is still unlocked. He comes, his cock buried deep inside her imagining Ellen walking in the unlocked door with her shotgun in hand, cocked and aimed at him. 


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