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2010-06-30 09:08 pm
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Simple Remedy (J2, BigBang 2010, NC-17)

Fic title: Simple Remedy
Author name: [personal profile] painting_walls
Artist name: [ profile] zanao
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Jensen/Danneel
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~25'000
Warnings/Spoilers: The content of this story is fully fictional, so any therapy or counselling situations in the story might not be similar to those in real life.
Summary: Jensen's marriage hasn't been working in a long time. As his final attempt to save his marriage he agrees to Danneel's wish to see a counselor. To Jensen's surprise, Jared Padalecki isn't the marriage counselor he's expecting to meet. With Jared Jensen finds himself on a journey he never bargained for.

See more awesome art by [ profile] zanao here.

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2010-05-27 10:56 pm
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Fic: Five Times Jensen Tried to Lie to Danneel And One Time Jared Did It for Him

Title: Five Times Jensen Tried to Lie to Danneel And One Time Jared Did It for Him (or How Jensen Accidentally Fell on Jared's Dick Multiple Times)
Author: [personal profile] painting_walls
Fandom: J2 RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~500 words.
Disclaimer: Jared and Jensen own each other themselves. I probably couldn’t afford feeding them if I owned them.
Summary: Jensen tries to lie to Danneel, but she's not quite buying it.

Note: This was inspired by Little Britain sketches where in Sir Norman Fry (a character played by David Walliams) is always issuing statements to the press regarding compromising situations in which he has apparently been caught.

Note2:This is for [profile] siriusslash who has done awesome work on betaing my big bang story.

So you were...? )
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2009-12-15 11:00 pm

fic: The Purest Wishes (J2, PG-13)

Title: The Purest Wishes
Author: [ profile] painting_walls
Fandom: J2 RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~2200 words.
Disclaimer: Jared and Jensen own each other themselves. I probably couldn’t afford feeding them if I owned them.
Summary: Jensen meets an elf and it’s forced to face what he truly wishes for Christmas.

Notes: This story was written for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas and it’s a gift for [ profile] chase_acow. Sorry for completely failing on using your prompts as the realism in this story seemed to run and hide before I got a change to write it down. Awesomely speedy beta by [ profile] riahpariah0725.

* * * * * *

The mall was packed and Jensen cursed himself for leaving Christmas shopping for last minute.... )
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2009-09-18 07:29 pm

Fic: But This Is Something New

Title: But This Is Something New
Author: [info]painting_walls
Fandom: SPN slash
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Dean/Tentacle-monster
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Non-con. With tentacles. Do I need to say more?
Disclaimer: Not mine, except the tentacle-monster which I'm happy to loan to Kripke if he ever needs one. It's fully trained and very into Dean.
Notes: Beta'd by [info]riahpariah0725 . Title from 98 degrees ' song Dizzy, because I really wanted to name this instead of just calling it "Tentacle Porn Thing"

Dean gets lost in woods and is attacked by a tentacle-monster.

Dean curses his luck... )

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2009-09-04 07:08 pm

tarina: Unta vaan (the Rasmus, Lauri/Eero, NC-17)

Otsikko: Unta vaan
Kirjoittaja: [ profile] painting_walls
Fandom: The Rasmus RPS
Paritus: Lauri/Eero
Ikäraja: NC-17
Summary: Lauri joutuu vaihtoehtoistodellisuuteen, joka pakottaa hänet muistelemaan menneitä ja tunnustamaan itselleen haluavansa omalta elämältäänkin jotain muuta.


Lauri havahtui yhtäkkiä... )
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2009-08-05 06:30 pm
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The Mask You Wear - Master Post (bigbang 2009, j2)

The Mask You Wear

Author name: [ profile] painting_walls
Artist name: [ profile] bflyw
Genre: RPS
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC17
Word count: ~22'000

Summary: Five years after Supernatural Jared wonders about his and Jensen's friendship as they seem to drift apart. In less than one year the daily calls have turned into few rare emails while Jared has been away working. When he comes back he's in for a surprise. Something has happened to Jensen and it has changed him. It's up to Jared to show that it really doesn't matter.

Click here to see the amazing art [ profile] bflyw made alongside to the awesome banner.


From: J Padalecki )
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2008-10-12 04:23 pm

Fic: More Than That (J2, R)

Title: More Than That
Author: [ profile] painting_walls 
Pairing: J2, Kripke
Rating: R
Warning: Crack, sort of...
Beta: [ profile] siriusslash 
Summary: Kripke plans heart-to-heart with his stars and gets a whole lot more.

He has heard all the rumors, all the gossip that goes around on the set... )
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2008-09-09 10:06 am
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Podfic recs!

Podfics are my newest addiction. Nothing makes the bike trip to work better than a good story.

Here, have some recs:

The Knuckles Of Skinnybone Tree
story by [ profile] hansbekhart 
read by [ profile] dodificus 

John Winchester walks the badlands, lost on the Path of the Dead, when he meets two mysterious men: a pair of hunters chasing the same ghost that he is, who tell him that he's wound up more than twenty years in the future. They promise to get him back to his own time - back to his young children - but refuse to tell him anything about themselves. The three men find themselves entangled with the warring spirits of the land, but John is pursued by nightmares and caught up between the two hunters, who are keeping secrets that John doesn't understand.

Absolutely amazing story. Well-written and beautifully read. Young John is just like I'd like to imagine him to be. So eager to learn about the hunting world, but afraid of what will happen to him and his boys. And the relationship between the two hunters? Just heart-breaking and breath-taking.


Song of the Treadmill
story by [ profile] tabaqui 
read by [ profile] twasadark 

Post-apocalyptic. When an angel brings Sam back to earth, Sam must convince Dean that he really is his brother.  But Dean already has a Sam in his life: his dog.

A wonderful story about Sam and Dean finding love and compassion and comfort in each other, and learning how to trust each other. The whole world the author has created works so well. And twasadark really does great job with the reading. I've listened almost everything she has recorded and I have to say that it's amazing to follow how she gets better everytime.

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2008-09-02 06:04 pm
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Fic: Untouched (Het, John/Jo)

Title: Untouched
Author: [ profile] painting_walls 
Pairing: John/Jo
Rating: NC17
Warning: Underage
Word count: 490
Summary: A locked door, John Winchester and a teenage Jo who knows what she wants.

Note: This was actually supposed to be part of a longer fic, but I have already two long projects that aren't anywhere near finishing I thought I'd post this as it is. And I haven't written het in God knows how long. Thanks to [ profile] siriusslash  for fast beta-work :)


John turns quickly as he hears the door click open. He knows for a fact that he locked it and is ready to draw his gun out... )
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2008-06-16 10:28 pm

SPN buddy drabble + icons

Title: Deserted
Author: [ profile] painting_walls
Fandom: SPN gen
Characters: Sam, Dean
Spoilers: Croatoan. Not really in canon otherwise.
Rating: G
Wordcount: ~600
Summary: Impala takes a break :)

A/N: Written for [ profile] wateryacacia in [ profile] spn_buddy. She prompted me with words premonition and motor oil. It took me a while to get my mind out of gutter, because for some reason motor oil seems to translate into impala porn... But I did it and tried to make it a little cute [and sappy] even thought premonitions usually turn into angst.

The Impala breaks down on the deserted highway somewhere in Kentucky... )

Two icons I made for her:
A wet Sam to go with the drabble

I had this idea to make an icon with a finnish word (mostly adjectives) for everyone I get paired up with so here is the first one. For wateryacacia. Jared with "handsome", since that's what he is.
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2008-06-07 08:38 pm

tarina: Onnellinen (the Rasmus, Lauri/Eero, PG)

Otsikko: Onnellinen
Kirjoittaja: [personal profile] painting_walls
Fandom: The Rasmus RPS
Ikäraja: PG
Paritus: Lauri/Eero
Genre: Slash, one-shot
Sanoja: ~500
Summary: Joskus tärkeätkin asiat unohtuvat. Vuosikausia bändin hajoamisen jälkeen Lauri kohtaa vanhan ystävän.

Beta: Ei betattu. Oikoluettu Webvoikolla.

A/N: Tämä on ns. puolen tunnin tarina eli koko juttu on kirjoitettu vain puolessa tunnissa. (Tosin sen jälkeen editoitu ja korjailtu lauserakenteita)


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2008-06-01 12:26 pm

I Made Kripke Kry

Make Kripke Kry!
@ [ profile] ohnokripkedidnt!

[ profile] ifyouweremine posted a wonderful prompt and I just had to scribble down something. Read my version of J2, accidental marriage here.
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2008-05-26 07:33 pm

Drabble 123 (Finnish Rock RPS) - Prompt 05 - Infidelity

Title: Hours
Finnish rock RPS
[personal profile] painting_walls
Toni Wirtanen (from Apulanta)
#05 Infidelity
Word Count:
Toni doesn't do relationships

*prompt table*
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2008-03-10 04:39 pm

(no subject)

Title: Four snippets that begin with Dean (and one that begins with Sam)
Author: painting_walls
Fandom: SPN slash
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warning: If even the littlest thought of fisting gives you squicks please do not read. If you don't know what fisting means, you can do the same...

Snippets )
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2008-03-02 10:50 am

Drabble123 : prompt table Angst

I decided that writing drabbles would really do wonders to my writer's block. (And give me a change to write about things I really can't use in longer stories.) So I joined [ profile] drabble123 .

Here is my first prompt table: Angst. Fandom will be Finnish Rock RPS so expect to see many groups and many different pairings.

1.Forsaken 2.Cruel 3.Bleed 4.Goodbye 5.Infidelity
6.Bitter 7.Untruth 8.Fear 9.Unrequited 10.Empty
11.Poison 12.Cry 13.Scar 14.Rejection 15.Alone
16.Broken 17.Loss 18.Ache 19.Secrets 20.Writer's choice
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2008-03-01 07:56 pm

tarina: Inkivääriä ja hellyyttä

Otsikko: Inkivääriä ja hellyyttä
Kirjoittaja: [personal profile] painting_walls
Fandom: The Rasmus RPS
Paritus: Lauri/Eero
Ikäraja: G
Summary: Pieni flunssainen Lauri ja huolehtivainen Eero.
Taustaa: Kunnian ideasta kantaa [profile] daisy_duckling, jonka kuvaus eräästä keikasta sai tämän tarinan syntymään. Järjestyksessään toinen The Rasmus tarina, jonka olen kirjoittanut.  Kirjoitettu talvella '02-'03.

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2008-02-29 08:23 pm

tarina: Sata mailia ennen aamua

Otsikko: Sata mailia ennen aamua
Kirjoittaja: [personal profile] painting_walls
Fandom: SPN
Paritus: gen tai Sam/Dean, ihan miten haluat itse ajatella
Ikäraja: G
Summary: Pitkiä tunteja autossa...
Taustaa: Ainut Supernatural tarina, jonka mä olen kirjoittanut suomeksi. Varmaan tulee pysymäänkin ainona, koska tästäkin oli pakko jättää dialogi pois, kun pojat kuulostivat niin käsittämättömän pöljiltä suomeksi.

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2008-02-24 11:29 am

tarina/fic: Pala elämää / Little Moments

This is same story in two languages. The original finnish version was written in the winter 2002-2003 and it was the first The Rasmus story I ever wrote. The amazing english version was translated by [profile] daisy_duckling.

Otsikko: Pala elämää
Kirjoittaja: [personal profile] painting_walls
Fandom: The Rasmus RPS
Paritus: Lauri/Eero
Ikäraja: G
Summary: Lyhyt viesti saa Eeron aikaisin aamulla lumiselle rannalle.


Title: Little Moments
Author: [personal profile] painting_walls
Translation: [profile] daisy_duckling
Fandom: The Rasmus RPS
Pairing: Lauri/Eero
Rating: G
Summary: A short SMS gets Eero to the snowy beach in the early morning.

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2008-02-23 02:48 pm

fic: Gone (SPN, death-fic)

Title: Gone
Author: [personal profile] painting_walls
Fandom: SPN
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Warning: Character death
Summary: Some hunting trips don't end like they are supposed to.
Disclaimer: Fiction. I do not make money out of this...

Note: This was supposed to be Pulp Fiction type of a story that starts from the end, continues from the beginning and ends in the middle. Didn't really come out as I wanted...