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The Mask You Wear

Author name: [ profile] painting_walls
Artist name: [ profile] bflyw
Genre: RPS
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC17
Word count: ~22'000

Summary: Five years after Supernatural Jared wonders about his and Jensen's friendship as they seem to drift apart. In less than one year the daily calls have turned into few rare emails while Jared has been away working. When he comes back he's in for a surprise. Something has happened to Jensen and it has changed him. It's up to Jared to show that it really doesn't matter.

Click here to see the amazing art [ profile] bflyw made alongside to the awesome banner.


From: J Padalecki )
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Title: More Than That
Author: [ profile] painting_walls 
Pairing: J2, Kripke
Rating: R
Warning: Crack, sort of...
Beta: [ profile] siriusslash 
Summary: Kripke plans heart-to-heart with his stars and gets a whole lot more.

He has heard all the rumors, all the gossip that goes around on the set... )
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Otsikko: Onnellinen
Kirjoittaja: [personal profile] painting_walls
Fandom: The Rasmus RPS
Ikäraja: PG
Paritus: Lauri/Eero
Genre: Slash, one-shot
Sanoja: ~500
Summary: Joskus tärkeätkin asiat unohtuvat. Vuosikausia bändin hajoamisen jälkeen Lauri kohtaa vanhan ystävän.

Beta: Ei betattu. Oikoluettu Webvoikolla.

A/N: Tämä on ns. puolen tunnin tarina eli koko juttu on kirjoitettu vain puolessa tunnissa. (Tosin sen jälkeen editoitu ja korjailtu lauserakenteita)


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Make Kripke Kry!
@ [ profile] ohnokripkedidnt!

[ profile] ifyouweremine posted a wonderful prompt and I just had to scribble down something. Read my version of J2, accidental marriage here.
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Title: Gone
Author: [personal profile] painting_walls
Fandom: SPN
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Warning: Character death
Summary: Some hunting trips don't end like they are supposed to.
Disclaimer: Fiction. I do not make money out of this...

Note: This was supposed to be Pulp Fiction type of a story that starts from the end, continues from the beginning and ends in the middle. Didn't really come out as I wanted...

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Title: Silent Observation
Author: [personal profile] painting_walls
Fandom: SPN
Pairing: None. Even though there is a slight one-sided Sam/Dean theme...
Rating: G
Summary: Sam watches Dean during a sleepless night.
Disclaimer: Fiction. I do not make money out of this...


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